Delivering streamlined solutions by automating complex GIS workflows with Python.


Robbie Fusinato.

Talented GIS Technician who excels at using python and the ArcPy module to create tools that automate GIS processes. Experienced in performing GIS tasks that include mapping, geoprocessing, data creation, data analysis, data manipulation, data modeling, Python scripting, model builder tool production, raster data manipulation, large scale data set manipulation and management, and database management. Seeking GIS opportunities in the DFW area.

GIS Technician

Richardson, Tx

(972) 656-9613


ESRI ArcDesktop ArcMap ArcCatalog ArcToolboxes(Analysis, Conversion, Data Management) Windows & Mac OSX Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Autodesk AutoCAD Adobe Photoshop Scanning Technology Python HTML





Work Experience

GIS Technician / McKim & Creed, Inc.
Oct 2016 - Current

• Assisted engineering staff by manipulating and producing GIS maps and data for various engineering projects.
• Performed tasks including updating GIS stormwater and wastewater data with pipe elevations and inlet types interpreted from as-built civil engineering plans for use in hydrologic modeling, downloading and preparing FEMA National Flood Hazard Layers, SSURGO soil data, and NLCD Land Cover data for use in hydrological map exhibits and creating DEMs from LIDAR data to delineate hydrologic watersheds using the ArcHydro toolset.
• Developed Model Builder tools and Python scripts to edit vector, raster, and tabular data.
• Created new features classes and performed basic editing of features.
• Maintained a clean, and organized file structure for spatial and non-spatial data.


• Developed a tool to automate the process of checking large scale contour data for topology errors by breaking it down into more than 1,500 segments performing topology checks on each one and combining the topology error results together for use with the original data.
• Developed a tool set to automate the process of breaking down a large-scale contour data set into over 200 grid segments, create contour annotation features for each segment and add AutoCAD formatting fields before exporting each segment to an AutoCAD .dwg file.
• Developed a tool to automate the preparation of ICM Model Terrain data used by engineering staff.
• Developed a tool to automate the process of preparing SSURGO soil data to determine the percentage of each soil type per watershed.
• Developed a tool to automate the process of preparing NLCD Land Cover data to determine the percentage of pervious and impervious land per watershed.


Collin College
2015 - 2016

Associate of Applied Science, Geospatial Information Science


Cartography and Geography in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GISC 1301)
Introduction to Raster-Based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (GISC 1421)
Programming for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) (GISC 2335)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Design with Raster Analysis (GISC 2402)
Introduction to Spreadsheets-Excel (ITSW 1304)
Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (GISC 2420)
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (GISC 1411)
Introduction to Database-Access (ITSW 1307)
Advanced Problems in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (GISC 2231)
Intro to Computer Maintenance (CPMT 1411)
Web Page Design I (IMED 1316)
Digital Art I (ARTS 2348)
Digital Painting and Imaging (ARTC 2305)
Assembly Language (COSC 2325)
Object Oriented Programming - C++ (COSC 2320)